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A Bibliotherapy Podcast for Survivors & Victims of Sexual & Gender-Based Violence

Document Our History is a Bibliotherapy podcast set up to document the voices of Women and Girls who are Survivors or Victims of sexual and gender-based violence, as well as endangered children.

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The Story Behind the DOHS Podcast.

The DOHS Podcast serves as an art clinic that helps women and girls heal from physical and psychological abuse by providing literary information, guidance and support to victims and survivors who have decided to open up about their experiences. Here, they are encouraged to tell their stories, and use this narrative to help other women and girls open up about their abuse and experiences.

Latest Episode

Episode #12: Wrapping Up & Celebrating Season 1.

In this final episode of season 1 of the DOHS Podcast, Ololade Ajayi welcomes the technical partner for the podcast Ahmed Hassan on the show to celebrate the progress made so far working on the podcast, highlight the prevailing challenges and discuss the next step forward.

Recent Episodes

Episode #1: The DOHS Podcast Debuts.

In this debut episode, Ololade Ajayi introduces the DOHS podcast and discusses the significance of Bibliotherapy in helping women and girls who are survivors or victims of sexual and gender-based violence.

Episode #2: A Personal Experience.

This episode is a special edition of the DOHS podcast. It is Ololade Ajayi's birthday edition, and she is the host and the guest at the same time, speaking about her Female Genital Mutilation experience. Tune in.

DOHS Podcast Art E3
Episode #3: 11-Year Old & Endangered.

An 11-year old endangered girl child shares her story with Ololade Ajayi in this episode, highlighting how she watched her ailing mother suffer sexual violence in the hand of her step-father till she passed away.

WARNING: Listener discretion is advised. Content may include stories of sexual and gender-based violence from survivors [and endangered children], which some people may find upsetting and can be triggering for survivors.

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Meet Your Host

Ololade Ajayi is a poet, compere and advocate for women’s rights.

As host of the DOHS Podcast, she tells the stories of survivors and victims of sexual and gender-based violence and helps them connect with resources to heal from the physical and psychological abuse they have experienced.


Ololade Ajayi

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